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Krewe Of Freret Riding Rules and Regulations

  • I agree to abide by the Krewe of Freret and all other regulations as set forth by the  City Of New Orleans.

  • I agree to wear a harness at all times during the parade and that it may only be unhooked when going to and from restroom.

  • I understand that I must wear a mask throughout the entire duration of our ride, and that any member seen not wearing a mask must pay a $250 fine before renewing 2020 riding membership.  (The parade will be photographed at several locations)

  • I understand that failure to abide by these rules and regulations will result in my personal responsibility for associated fines and could result in removal as a member of Krewe of Freret/ Krewe of Nefertiti.

  • I understand that yearly dues and riding membership are non-transferable.

  • I understand that all prepaid dues are non-refundable should I resign from the Krewe of Freret/ Krewe of Nefertiti at any time during the year.

  • I understand that substitutions in membership participation in Krewe of Freret activities are not allowed unless approved in advance.

  • I understand that all paraphernalia used in the Krewe of Freret activities are property of the Krewe of Freret and are not to be abused in any way.

  • I understand that all paraphernalia used in the Krewe of Nefertiti activities are property of the Krewe of Nefertiti and are not to be abused in any way. 

  • I understand that should the Krewe of Freret be unable to parade because of foul weather, the City Charter will not allow us further rescheduling and refunds will not be issued.



For more information ​on our partner krewe, Krewe of Freret, please click on their link in the above menu bar.

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